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MINI was born from the collaboration between me, PAMELA, mother and artist ( and my little ALTAN.

Thanks to ALTAN, I discovered that for the little ones to be happy it is important to live in a peaceful and stimulating environment for play and interaction, especially from a sensorial point of view. Hence the idea of ​​creating tactile artworks for children to accompany them in play and growth.

My desire is to create a unique environment for them that stimulates their imagination.

Each MINI art piece is handcrafted with love and is made of 4 layers of hypoallergenic and anti-mold colored felt, for curious little hands that can play in absolute tranquility.

MINIzoo, our first collection, features ten animals inspired by Aesop's fables. Each character has their own story and a feature that makes them special.

MINI works want to talk with simplicity and playfulness on important themes such as self-acceptance, generosity, fear, aggression.

Growing up as a mother, I immediately realized that the African proverb that says that 'Raising a child takes an entire village' is true, the same goes for MINI which grows thanks to the commitment of a group of wonderful people:

all the MINIzoo drawings were made in collaboration with our beloved CLAUDIA GALINDO

with our super ROBERTO D'INTRONO we handcraft our artworks

with our magical GIANCARLA TRIZIO we create lyrics and fun nursery rhymes

with ASHLEY BROWN of our heart we have translated the nursery rhymes and texts into English
(if anyone wants to translate them into other languages, please come forward!)