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How are MINI paintings shipped?

We went to great lengths not to charge the shipping costs of MINI paintings to almost all of Europe!
Unfortunately it is not possible to include shipments to the rest of the world. The costs will be calculated at checkout, there are two price ranges depending on the size chosen, but those who manage to form purchasing groups will save a lot and make more children happy together and if you place more orders you will pay the expenses only once!
If your destination is not included, please contact us, we will look for a solution :)
If the order is in stock it will be shipped the next working day, otherwise it will be shipped within a week.
If you are in Italy, the MINI painting will arrive within 48 hours, in the rest of the world you will need to be patient and it will take about 5 days from the date of shipment.
You will receive an email with the order confirmation in which we will specify the delivery times and the tracking number.

What if I want to return the MINI art piece?

We want receiving a MINI artwork to cause euphoria and happiness.
If you have not felt this way we are very sorry, contact us within seven days of delivery and we will agree to the return.
If, on the other hand, we managed to make you happy, share your joy with us and send us a photo, we want to know!
We believe that true joy is more widespread than ever, so if you say yes, we will post the photo on our social networks.

How do I keep and clean a MINI artwork?

Each MINI art piece is made with love and attention.
The layers of felt are carefully cut and assembled, but as a handmade product it can have small imperfections, which however make it unique!
Each work is carefully packaged but if it has some creases upon arrival or over time, it can be ironed at a low temperature and voilà, it will be as good as new!
It can be cleaned easily from water washable stains, but wash it gently so as not to damage the fabric.
For normal maintenance just pass the anti-lint roller.
We use 3 mm 100% polyester felt, hypoallergenic, anti-mold. be careful! If you approach the felt to very high heat sources it starts to melt and could burn but the flame self extinguishes.
Take good care of your MINI painting, do not expose it to the sun for a long time as it may discolour.
If a MINI painting has been damaged or stained, write to us and we will look for a solution together to restore its beauty.

How do I hang a MINI artwork?

Each picture has eyelets on the back, but the pictures are so light that thumbtacks are enough to hang them.
To hang them up immediately and start playing, once you have decided where to put it, just insert the thumbtack in the eyelet and fix it to the wall.

Do you want to tell us something?

If you have any questions, doubts, proposals or requests write us immediately or send us a message on Whatsapp, we will reply in a short time.